Don't feel Rubbish

This quote is from an article I came across about Calgary Avansino's (executive fashion and digital project director at Vogue) take on healthy eating. I am always on the hunt to find out what people are eating and why  It struck me that her approach is straight forward and is completely rooted in common sense. I thought I would share. She lists things like kale, coconut, quinoa and probiotics to promote a healthier diet. These four in particular  have been making the rounds on the web, talk shows, magazines and news reports as being great choices with excellent health benefits. She also shares a fantastic morning smoothie recipe with readers that I will definitely being giving a try!

If you have resolved to eat healthier this year or are simply looking to continue making healthy choices for you and your family this would be worth the time to take a look at. It's a quick read filled with good information. You can check out the article and see her "10 tips for Healthier Eating" here.