Happy New Year?

It's a week late but... Happy New Year!

Turkey soup
{New Years Day} Turkey Soup!

I was planning on writing this big blog post on January 1st to start the year off  talking about my goals and resolutions. I thought fitness, healthy habits, blogging more, expanding my horizons - you know the drill. Then life happened. My focus was on my family. I didn't run for a few weeks, didn't write a single post since December (well I did manage a brief Happy New Year post on my other blog before my computer with every picture, video and resource died) and was minimally "socially" available.

And as you can guess the world continued to spin as it always has. Shocking.

As you can see my computer has been fixed. I have updated my blog with a new, fresh look and I am now off and running. I still plan to continue with running and eating well. I will run a race this year. I am excited to expand my horizons and participate more in social media and a few other things. I definitely have some things planned for this blog for 2013 - like a new series on getting cleaned up and ORGANIZED every Thursday!

But I think my biggest goal this year is to just be present in whatever it is I am doing.

I know as parents we learn pretty quickly how to do many things, all at once. And pretty darn well I might add. But I did a few things differently recently like I played Monopoly with my boys and left my cell phone (my social media dinger) in the other room...ON SILENT...Gasp! We spent one night watching three movies back-to-back with all the kids. No cleaning, no computers, just hanging out. Awesome. On the flip side, I told my kids that I was going into my 'office' to update my blogs and maybe even write a post or two and to only come get me for the next forty-five minutes if the house was on fire or we needed an ambulance and I shut my door - and look, it worked. I just wrote this entire post , updated both my blogs and even got a few tweets out while completely undistracted. 

So I look forward to an awesome year and would love to hear what you have planned, what you will be changing or leaving the same and what goals you hope to achieve this year.

Happy New Year!