Sunday Dinner - Our new old tradition

For the longest time, Sunday dinner was the norm.

Everyone knew that on Sundays there would be a big meal and a tasty dessert in store for them. Extended family and friends would regularly stop in and eat with us.

Italian dinner menu

But as the kids got older, got jobs and branched out into the world it started to become less and less frequent. That is until this past June. After our annual JDRF walk this year many of TEAM CJ came back to the house with our family to enjoy a little post walk BBQ and drinks. It wasn't planned at all. We literally threw it together as we were driving home and everyone pitched in somehow.

Apple pie for dessert

But it reminded us of how much fun it is and how important it is to pause and take time with those closest to us.

Canles and Wine

Since then we have a Sunday dinner every weekend. We've had everything from delicious Caribbean dishes to Italian feasts to Mexican fiesta's and it's been awesome. Everyone is welcome but there is just one rule:

Mexican fiesta

"You must show up with a bottle of wine or dessert". That's it. Bring it and you're in.

How to cook a roast

It's been great getting back to our weekly ritual, I don't think it's going to ever stop again.

This week's dinner menu:

Sirloin Tip Roast
Roasted Potatoes and Carrots
Mashed Potatoes
Fresh Baguette w/whipped butter

Apple Pie
Ice Cream

Here's a little video on how I prepared the roast. It was a monster of a roast (9lbs) and I didn't want to prepare it as many websites (and the butcher, lol) had recommended. They had suggested that we wrap it in foil and cook it for 15 minutes per pound. I may try this one day on a smaller roast just to see how it works out but for this one I just couldn't wrap my head around it and decided  to do it my way.

It turned very delicious and very juicy!!