Future plans, Positive changes

It is so interesting to me that you can live a very long life or you can live a tragically short life and yet neither of these scenarios indicate the quality of that life.

I find myself thinking about this almost daily lately. Don't get me wrong...my life isn't bad. All the great and wonderful things outweigh any hardship I have experienced. But it has me thinking about how much I have lived and what I still want to explore.  I've seen some of the world but not enough of it. I've experienced different cultures but not as many as I would like to. I have made many friends but not as many as I would like to be able to count on. I have said goodbye to loved ones who I wish I had only a few days more to ask them all the questions I think to ask them now and to tell them just one more time how much I love them. I have faced many types of discrimination, along with my family, and yet the pursuit of equality is still a struggle. And even though I know that all humans are equal the truth is that as long as any person has to justify why they are worth as much as any other person inequality will not cease to exist. Can I single-handedly change the world? No... but I can make changes in my little piece of the world that will in turn impact others.

Some may say jokingly (or not) that I am working towards a midlife crisis. But as I grow and learn about who I am as a person I realize this journey is far from over, I'm really just getting started. Every day that passes and every experience I encounter either solidifies my beliefs or changes me completely. I'm not ready to call it a day and declare that it was a good run. I think there is still much to do.
I'm at a point in my life where I'm ready to really dig deeper, to really take a look at who I am and what I stand for,  embrace what's most important in life and experience more. There has to be so much more out there, I just don't feel like I have done enough.  Everyday should be a chance to live more and to live better, to laugh generously and share that laughter, to give love unconditionally and reach out with kindness to all. You hear it all the time; life isn't fair. 
But it should be.

I think the goal is to try to be the best versions of ourselves. Only when we give of ourselves in a truly rich and genuine way can we honestly make a difference. And only then can we receive that back.
The time has come for me to take some chances, to see more of the world and learn a few new tricks. No more apologizing for who I am and being careful of what it is I have to say. Time to be me.