I can't believe summer is over all ready! | Summer Vlog

Where did July and August go?

Kids on the swing

My kids were in summer school this year. My older ones were trying to get out of highschool as quickly as possible with some summer courses and our youngest, who is starting grade nine this year, was getting a head start with a credit before September even rolls around.

So our summer has been pretty much spending time with family and friends at various parties and bbq's and a lot of time just hanging out together. One of my favourite outings was with my daughter and two of the grandkids to a the drive-in. We saw Minions and Jurassic World but couldn't stay away for Pitch Perfect. Considering the size of our family there was always something going on. Seven kids and their partners, two grandkids, extended relatives, close family friends.....I really wouldn't have it any other way.

Toronto DJ Clive Garnette PhatBeatsTO
Photo: djclivegarnette.com

We also hosted a huge Summer Fete on Caribana Weekend here in Toronto. My husband is from St. Kitts and as a child I was ALWAYS taken downtown to the yearly parade and festival by my grandparents. The love of Caribbean food, music and culture was ingrained in me a long time ago. As many of you know my husband is a DJ. He says he's been deejay-ing for over 35 years....since he started on his Mickey Mouse record player with some 45's, lol. I don't know about all of that but I do know that he is amazing. We had a solid 100 people confirmed for our party. We had lots of food, music and good vibes to go around. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't feeling it. Of course our event was on the weekend that had the absolute worst weather of the entire summer. But I have to say, our guests were real troopers. Seriously, heavy rain and ridiculous winds didn't deter our guests. We even had a few people who were driving by and heard the music stop in and enjoy the fete. Everyone that came (more than half of the confirmed list showed up!) stayed and danced until the third really bad downpour hit just before midnight, lol. Such good friends. Such great times.

Summer fun at the drive in

Starting in the fall I will be putting up a weekly vlog on my YouTube channel. I thought it would a good idea to put together a Summer Vlog of some of the video I took during the summer and to get a feel for the new video editing software I'm trying desperately to learn how to use.

I hope you all had a great summer and I'm looking forward to a wonderful fall. Take a look at the vlog!