Well, we tried | The Lunar Eclipse

We set out last night to see the lunar eclipse. We began with a walk around the neighbourhood  to see if there was a better viewing spot but decided to set up our chairs at the bottom of our driveway when we realized that the only clear spot was right over our house. It became more and more overcast as the moon made its way higher into the sky unfortunately but we held out hope that we would be able to see something...anything!

I have to say, there were more people out to watch this rare site than there are out at Halloween. Every time a little bit of the moon would peak out the neighbours kids would yell "look! It's coming! Everyone clap!" It was great.

As usual the best parts of the night was spending time with the people who mean the most to us. We drank "grape juice", laughed a lot and did a very animated explanation of what a lunar eclipse is to my four year old grandson.  My mother was the sun (with jazz fingers), I was the orbiting, rotating earth (dizziness doesn't even begin to describe it) and Nick was the moon orbiting around myself. We should honestly go on tour.

We never did get a clear view although we stayed out until around 11pm hoping for just a little of the show. A great app that my son introduced me to is Star Tracker. It's a mobile sky map app. At one point we couldn't figure out where the moon was at all but my son Justin came out with his phone and pointed to the sky to find it for us. Naturally we all installed it immediately. I mean, it was the only view of the moon at the moment and was the only way to know where to concentrate our hopeful gaze for a little light. I think the app will be a fun tool to use in future to locate what's up in the sky on a clear summer night.

It was a super fun night despite everyone's disappointment that we didn't see the eclipse but we have vowed to do it all again.....in 2033.