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My all time favourite time of year is definitely Christmas. Hands down. But my second favourite is Halloween. This year, with it being on a Saturday, it was especially fun. It was so much more relaxed without the rush of after school and getting dinner into them before they go out. I heard that a lot of people didn't see that many kids trick-or-treating (or shelling out as my mother would say) but we had a lot of kids. A lot. They cleaned us out! Parents seemed to have gone the extra mile, or kilometre-depending on where you are, this year. We had many princesses and firemen. We even had a firewoman too. My son went out as Eazy-E. I love that our boy even thought of that.

 ed·a·ma·mea dish of green soybeans boiled or steamed in their pods. Yes, edamame. It's the first time I have ever had it. I had heard of it but I had no idea what it was. Now I know it's a delicious little snack full of protein, calcium and fibre yet gluten and cholesterol free. When my daughter put this out at my granddaughters birthday like it was a bowl of chips I had no idea it would be just as good. It's funny how if anyone else I know had done that I would have been surprised but my daughter is usually two or three steps ahead of me in the healthy and organic foods front. so it didn't surprise me at all. I am 100% sold though. I won't even lie though. I had to search for a video on how to eat it....

My son showed me right after that you can eat them by biting the side and popping the pods out or an even easier way is to bite the top off and pull them out all at once with your teeth.  They were super easy to cook, my daughter said she put them in the microwave for three minutes. All she did was add a little Himalayan sea salt and served the little guys up in a bowl with a side bowl for waste. Genius.

This was too much fun. After eating we decided to play a game as we sometime do. Being an unusually large family means we are never short of players for any game. This night's choice was Heads Up. AND it just so happens that I had seen the app Boomerang on Ellen that week which I had installed....because Ellen said to. I started taking some video with the app during the opposing teams turn and this was the best one! My son doesn't just flip the phone down when he gets the answer, no...he uses his whole body. Heads Up is hilarious. You think it would be easy to come up with clues and answers for everyday things or famous people. But it isn't. At one point we were screaming "avocado, avocado. AVOCADO...the green stuff!...AVOCADO!!!!!". It turns out all we had to say was you dip your chips in it. No problem. Download the game. It's available at iTunes and the Google Play store. It's ridiculously fun. It's played in teams so it's perfect for a fun gathering like the ones coming up this holiday season.

And then there is the obligatory "what I ate" shot. The only thing missing was my banana because I ate it. It was gone. And an empty banana peel would be weird. Even more weird than taking a picture of oatmeal and Chai tea in my Disney cup. Does anyone else use the same cup every morning??? I do, I use this cup and only this cup for my tea in the morning. It just isn't the same in any other cup. I found a Chewie mug at the Disney store that I liked but didn't pick it up for some reason and when I went back for it, it was gone. I need to find a new one that is sturdy but not too thick like mine. My favourite mug is on it's last legs. It has the tiniest hairline crack in it but I am just not ready to let it go.... I'm on the hunt.

So last but absolutely not the least of my week's posts on Instagram. My grandbaby girl being her usual funny self. Oh my gosh I love this kid. She comes up with the funniest things. She may have been making fun of me here..... I'm not sure, lol.