I've started a Daily Vlog!

During the holidays I was very ill. This is why I didn't post anything....at all. All of the plans I had were put aside as all I could do is work at getting better. It did, however, give me a great deal of time to think about what I would like to be doing. I decided that overall my biggest goal or intention for 2016 is consistency. In everything. So, I will be putting up a daily vlog in addition to regular videos this year. Obviously some days will be more exciting than others but we have a busy year ahead so I thought it would be a good opportunity to put my new ambition to the test as we will be moving, travelling and a few other things. A great exercise in writing, filming, editing and posting every day on my channel but also sharing more consistently on this blog and social media. My first cookie/cake video and blog post for 2016 will be up in just over a week.

I started posting daily on Monday with a holiday vlog, capturing some of Christmas Eve through New Year's Eve. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and I am looking forward to an awesome 2016!

Holiday Vlog 2015

First Daily Vlog

Daily Vlog 2