Hi. I'm Dawn. That's me in the middle.

I have a very large family. Two girls, five boys, two grandbabies, a dog - oh, and a husband. Can't forget him.
I started this blog back in 2011 in part due to my experiences as a mom and as an event planner. It evolved and grew over the years to include all the different social media platforms including Youtube. As my numbers grew so did my awareness, both of the world and of myself. I started to get involved, in living, more than ever.

I started fundraising.

I lost almost 100lbs.

I started to really pay attention.

My thinking began to shift when I wrote the post Maternally Global, an article about maternal healthcare. I realized how fortunate I've been to have had access to doctors and healthcare....and water. A basic need! Clean water. The more attention I paid the more I realized that as much as we need to be focused and present in our lives and what we want to achieve it is equally important to take a look around and see what our impact is and what we can do for others.

So this is where I'll bring it all together. Lifestyle, meet The Important Stuff.