Hello Mauritius

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Do you ever find that odd things happen at just the right time?

This just happened to me in a very small scale way.

I was going through my blog, looking at posts and stats and whatnot as I haven't been posting to this blog very regularly lately. To be honest, I have been trying to figure out what to do with the Jellybeantrail. Should I rename it? Should I rebrand? Should I start over? A lot has changed since I fired her up years ago...that's a whole other blog post I think.

On with the story....

To my surprise a tiny little island nation, about 2000 km off the southeast coast of Africa, has been up there in my top 5 countries of blog views and traffic. I have never heard of it. Totally off of my radar. Naturally, being the curious little creature that I am.... I googled it: Mauritius.

This place is GORGEOUS. And I want to go there.

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A little back story. I have been making a list of places in the world that I would like to go adventuring through. And we (my husband and I) have been coming up with a short list of where we want to go for our upcoming wedding anniversary this November. It's a big one and we've never been on a vacation alone. Never. Ever. 

St. Kitts has been on top of our list for a long time as it's where Clive was born. After 32 years together and 20 years of marriage I have never been to St. Kitts. It's unbelievable actually. So visiting his birthplace seemed to be a great choice not to mention that it's beautiful. But now I'm thinking we could do St.Kitts as a family vacation and perhaps scoot off to Mauritius for a secluded, romantic vacation for two. 

The best times to visit Mauritius is between April and June and between September and December. Perfect. It does take a day to get there but it seems too beautiful to not consider. White beaches, clear blue water, green eco areas areas to explore, food and culture to take in. 

Sounds good right? Yes, I think so too.

Thank you Mauritius for visiting the jelly bean trail. I think I may have to pay you back with a visit.


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