World Diabetes Day - November 14th

November 14th is World Diabetes Day, A time to shine a big, bright blue spotlight on what diabetes is, the importance of screening, treatment, causes and the prevention of Type 2 in particular.
Our son was diagnosed at the age of nine with Type 1 Diabetes which is completely different than Type 2 as it occurs when the body attacks itself - destroying the beta cells in the pancreas - leaving the body unable to produce insulin for itself. Type2 can be prevented, managed and even reversed with a healthy lifestyle and diet.
Regardless of what type you are faced with it can mean paying close attention to your body with multiple daily blood checks and insulin injections to stay healthy and alive. The good news is that with regular medical care, a healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet and continued education people with diabetes can live a long, productive, healthy, active and even adventurous life!
One of my favourite healthy, active Type 1 Diabetics is Robyn Arzon, who goes by the handle robynnyc. She is the author of Shut up and Run and is a former lawyer turned marathoning, cycling badass instructor and VP of Fitness Programming at Peloton. Find out more about Robyn at
You can read more about our story and diabetes here:
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I also have many free printables to help with managing diabetes care:
Weekly blood monitoring sheet -
Diabetes organizatoin series (includes links to - insulin dose sheet, blood sugar monitoring sheet, medication log and supplies checklist)

On a personal note, our family has been involved with raising money for research and education since our son was diagnosed through JDRF. If you would like to donate to our fundraising effort we have put up a TEAM CJ fundraising page on the JDRF website:
Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years!