Midweek Mashup

Joining Twitter and starting a blog was a GREAT idea. Really.
I really wish it had been my idea. Never thought I would see the day that I would be so intrigued by social media. It is so connected. There are so many resources and cool people, interesting people. And information? Wow. I couldn't wait to start using all the tips and tricks I was coming across. To tell you the truth there is a bit of a learning curve. But one night I joined in on a 'twitter party'. Best idea I had all day, lol. All of a sudden I was looking at tweet after tweet, people's profiles and HASHTAGS! Who's great idea was that?

Getting Involved
I am so happy that my Telus Walk team "Team C.J." is starting to assemble. We have had so much fun over the years and I can't wait! I am never too sure if everyone of anyone for that matter is coming back but I am so delighted each and every year as one by one our team comes together and grows.

And I came across Zack's Dream Room effort on Twitter. Heather Hamilton recently lost her son who was born with a congenital heart defect. This family's story is compelling and I encourage everyone who hasn't already done so to check out their blog page and donate to this very important mission. We did! Visit Zack's Dream Room to donate and read more!

Earth Day
I am so impressed by my husband's company. This year they are giving out Blue Spruce seedlings to recognize Earth Day. I think it's a great idea and my kids can't wait to get out there and plant them. Although as my husband handed me two, the local flower expert "Frankie Flowers" was talking about how BIG they get. Oh well. One day it will give me yet another item to cover in Christmas lights...LED of course. :)

Totally Random
My sons convinced my husband (who is a DJ) to buy them "DJ Hero" for Nintendo Wii. We have never thought to buy it for them before because...well, they have the real equipment here. It turns out that this is one awesome game! The concept is much like the "band" games where you hit coloured buttons on the controller to match the pattern on the screen. In this case a "turntable" is the controller. There is a cross-fader and believe me - it only adds to their excitement when they have to "scratch". As they move up in levels they unlock new music and DJ's. I have to admit, the music on this game is really good too. Great tracks and mix selections that a real deejay would use. I love that it's a family friendly game. The music is clean and there is absolutely no swearing or violence. We continue to enjoy this game and will definitely be getting DJ Hero 2.