Poetic Tidbit

Every now and then your kids do something that amazes you. Even though you think they are wonderful and smart and talented. Sometimes you just sit back and go...Wow.

A few years ago my son brought home a letter from school. In a crisp, white envelope, simply marked "Mr. and Mrs. Garnette".

First instinct? Not ashamed to admit it.

What did he do...

What did he do? He was being published. What? He was being published. Really?

Yes. Really. And here it comes.... wow.

So in honour of National Poetry Day I would like to share what will be a lifelong favourite, with kind permission of course.


If you look you can see their little
scales glowing in the sun like tiny flashlights
Saltwater Freshwater,
They all swim in groups.
Divided by looks. They all have different names.

Nicholas Garnette
Published in "Urban Voices 2008"

He was nine years old when he wrote this poem about diversity. Urban Voices is an annual publication featuring poetry and illustrations of elementary and secondary school students in Toronto. It strives to celebrate and recognize the importance of the arts in young people's lives.

The experience has not only instilled the importance of the arts but has given my son a sense of accomplishment and pride that he will undoubtedly carry with him throughout his life. Children don't need to be published to know that they can do great things but the power of recognition is undeniable.

Even if only by us.


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