Cast your Ballot

 7 Good Reasons to Vote.

It’s Election Day…again. And it’s raining. 

But don’t let that be an excuse to not get out there and vote. It’s one that I’ve heard before and of all the excuses, it seems totally ridiculous. Come on. It’s raining. The polling stations are indoors. Guaranteed. 

 There are so many good reasons to vote. Here are seven.

If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. Isn’t it interesting that the ones who seem to complain the most about government are the ones who insist it doesn’t matter?  They won’t vote because it won’t make a difference? If you don’t vote, you can’t make a difference. You lose your voice.

It’s your right. Think about all the places in the world where people can’t vote. They’re not allowed. People have fought and died to for right to be heard. And yes, your one singular vote can make a difference. 

Someone is going to win. So you might as well have a say. Is your candidate heading for a majority? Help them get there. Hate the idea? Cast your ballot against it. Either way you have a voice.

It’s a great way to involve your kids. As you make your decision take this opportunity to talk about what is important to you. To your family. Your community. Your country. This conversation opens a whole new realm of thinking with children. They become excited about being involved in a big decision that affects them and everyone around them. And they will see it as important. They will love to know that their opinion counts.

If only half the people vote, what are we really saying?  Well. Not enough. Why should a government have or not have majority rule or any position for that matter on what only half the people say.

Indifference will get you nowhere. Apathy doesn’t work here. This decision affects all of us, whether you think you care or not. And it will affect your life somehow. Promise. If you use healthcare. Pay taxes. Have a family. Have a job. Are looking for employment. Drive a car. 

If you live and breathe,

You should vote today.

If you don’t know what the issues are and where the candidates stand, this is a good day to find out. There is information all over the web and within social media. The candidates have workers everywhere today. They will come to your door, they will call you on the phone and they will be walking the streets. Yes, even in the rain. 

They have umbrellas.