Kool Cake Idea

If you like Sponge Bob and are planning a themed party you're going to love this!

I have a friend on Youtube who I can only describe as Fantabulous. She is a super talented cake designer, a science teacher, a soccer coach and her favourite book is The Bible. I met her a few years ago when I was "tubing" my cake designs as dawniescakes. Laura has given me permission to share some of her videos with you and this week I want to show an awesome Sponge Bob themed cake. The great thing is she usually shows you how she made the cake at the end of the video. So if you want to try it yourself it's a great guide!

Laura Varela's website is Krazy Kool Cakes and will have tutorial DVD's available soon for purchase. I will definitely put a link to the tutorial dvd's when they are available. She is located in Texas and her contact information is available at her website. You can also find her videos on her Laura's Cake World channel - laurapoopie on Youtube.I know you're going to love it!

Laura Varela - KRAZY KOOL CAKES - www.krazykoolcakes.com
Laura's Cake World (laurapoopie) Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/laurapoopie