Thoughtful Appreciation

Almost fourteen years ago I got the best Mother's Day gift ever.

My son was born. To us, a beautiful, perfect mini-G. So with his birthday falling either on or around Mother's Day every year it's a wonderful reminder of how blessed we are.

Mr. Garnette does take the boys to buy me flowers and a nice card (and he always signs his first AND last name which I love, just in case I start to lose my marbles and one of my guys has started to sign his name as "secret", will probably never figure out who it is...). No one has ever topped that one fourteen years ago though..not even my husband. And trust me. No one will EVER give me a gift like that EVER again. EVER. We're done. So, so done. Yup. Seven was my number. Done.

But I do love and appreciate all of the gifts I have received over the years. Because with children, they are really the gift. And they keep on giving. My youngest is nine and he goes out of his way to make something special for me every year and to me these are the most precious of gifts.

One of my favourites is one that he made at school. It lists all the reasons he loves me. And not just all the usual "helpful, nice and kind" either. He added in "seller, cooker and shopper". Love it.

You can't beat that.

So we mothers do love the hugs and love more than anything BUT...
I did take the opportunity to ask friends and family and actually some complete strangers what they would like to get or are giving for Mother's Day.

The Top 5 Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas.

  • Tassimo Single Serving Coffee Maker. Great choice. I don't have one YET but IT WOULD BE NICE to have one *wink,wink*
  • Spa Package. Pamper mom. She deserves to put her feet up and take a little "me-time". A fantastic spa in Toronto is SweetGrassSpa on Queen St. East.
  • Fitness Classes. Be careful with this one :) Make sure she has expressed she would LOVE something like this. It could be dangerous otherwise. My girls go to and LOVE Flirty Girl Fitness in the trendy King West area of downtown Toronto on Wellington.
  • Fabulous Dinner dishes! Yay! Check out dine.TO They have a Mother's Day section and a Family dining section with links.
  • Donate to a charity or fundraising effort. You might be surprised how many moms said they would love this as a gift. It would make them extremely proud to know that they have raised kids that are aware and want to make a difference by giving.

The most important thing is to use this day to let your mother know exactly what she means to you, to give a little back and say "Thanks Mom".


  1. Dawn,

    Seven blessings! How blessed you are! It must be a lot of fun (and a little crazy) being a mom to that many children! I always wished I could have had more then the two I have.

    My favorite thing to get for mother's day is a home made card! Simple but means a lot to me...still!

  2. That's exactly it Pam! It's the little but so thoughtful things that mean the most :)

    And seven blessings... absolutely! But yes, crazy can be an understatement sometimes and I love it!


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