Trying Gluten Free Part II

Something unexpected happened on the way to the bakery...

Before I do anything else I have to let you know the results of the three day gluten free trial.

I did stick with the gluten free "diet" for the entire three days. No cheating. Honest. My intention was to not go out and buy gluten free products for comfort. Didn't want to make this too easy.

{Day One}I was so afraid of slipping up that the first day I practically didn't eat anything, lol. Fruits and veggies throughout the day and a plain baked chicken breast with garden salad at dinner. Oh...and water. No lie. Day one was a cross training day, no running. Stuck with some strength and flexibility training. My energy was fine.

{Day Two} Okay. Woke up on day two feeling no different than any other day. Played it safe for yet another day. Not so bad. But feeling a little disappointed that I wasn't feeling any different! Come on. No changes? The family ate turkey and bacon clubs on whole grain buns for dinner with a side of fries and salad. I had the turkey, the bacon and the lettuce, lol. It was okay though, didn't feel deprived at all. Avoiding wheat products wasn't so bad. It was a running day, completed that no problem - maybe a little more tired than usual. But I chalked that up to a change in carbohydrate intake. My body was working out where it got it's energy from. As it turns out it was getting it's energy from ME. 

{Day Three} Things went a little differently on day three. I felt deprived. I BBM'd my daughter (she's 23) declaring I was STARVING. What was I going to do? I had a longer run that day and I was tired (I did eat peanut butter after my run that day. I usually have a carb/protein combo after each run for recovery. It works for me). Hmm. What was I doing wrong? Ah! I was focusing on what I couldn't have and not what I could have. Silly. I started looking around the internet. And as though the Twitter gods were listening Canadian Living posted a Gluten Free Pad Thai recipe! Hold on. What was I thinking? I have options. Potato and rice are okay. And they are in my cupboard. Dinner never tasted so good :)

So here I was at the end of the three days thinking, well that was pretty uneventful. Disappointing. My minor dip in energy was my own fault and once I refocused, I felt fine.

But wait...there's a twist in this story. An ending I wasn't expecting.

Got up Saturday morning. I was feeling not just fine but GREAT! I had dropped 2.8 pounds, was energetic and had made it through the last three days without starving.  We embarked on our weekend with the usual routine. Shopping, errands, kids...ate the usual foods. Coffee, oatmeal, yogurt, whole grain this - bran that, etc., etc. Stopped by a BBQ and ate a BURGER. Oh man. As the day went on I was feeling worse and worse. My stomach hurt, I felt tired. The scale said I lost almost 3lbs that week but by the end of the day I felt like I gained about 10lbs. What the heck is going on? Can't be the change back to my regular diet can it? I have eaten these foods all my life. I wondered though.

I eased back off the gluten. Maybe there is something to this. I have spent the last few days really paying attention to what I am eating and giving the kids. Searching for recipes, looking at ingredients and took an extended trip down the organic food aisle at the grocery store. I am not sure if I felt better because of the lack of gluten or the change in overall carbohydrate or eliminating most processed foods. But there was definitely a difference.

I am going to explore this a little bit more...

Thank you @FLOliving and @canadian_living



  1. Hey there stopping over from the FNF blog hop! Following you back! (one of the co-hosts) Cute blog! Just an FYI my friend who has Celiac Disease told me that if you do not need to have a gluten free diet and do it anyway it can actually REALLY screw you up (not sure how). Her DR told her this! MIght want to talk to your DR before you go gluten free if you don't have Celiac Disease!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the follow and the info too :)

  3. New follower from the Finding New Friends blog hop, would love it if you'd swing by my blog when you get a chance! :)

  4. Hi there! Following from the Finding New Friends hop! Hope you can stop by and follow back!

    Amy @ Render Me Mama

  5. Good luck with the gluten free. Have you tried Crunchmaster crackers? They are gluten free and SO good!

    I just found your blog through one of the Sunday blog hops! Can't wait to read more. Hope you have a good week.

    Amanda @


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