Leap of Faith?

To jump or not to jump...this truly is the question.

Our eldest daughter has a very significant birthday this week. Much to my disbelief (and horror) her party invitation states that we will be...wait for it....SKYDIVING.

Yes. Skydiving. As in jumping out of a PLANE. I know. Go back and read it again. I did. Lol. A few times.

Really? Geez..

Actually, now that the shock and the visions of my babies hitting the ground have worn off, I am not all that surprised. She is the type who wants to try everything and lives by "go big or go home". And even stranger, I am actually considering doing this. My husband says no. But I don't know. Try anything once right? If I can just keep the thought anchored to beautiful sky formations and a hoot n' hollering good time it seems like it could be fun. The only thing I can really imagine is me screaming for my mommy the entire way down. Literally. And I have no trust in the tandem guy/gal having the ability to pull the chord in time. But it could be something I add to and check off of the old bucket list, all in one week.

Hmmmm....I don't know though. It could be fun.

It would be fun right?