Blackberry Crumble Pie

Did you miss your BlackBerry services over the last few days? I did.

And I was one of those very few who said they didn't need a smart phone. As it turns out I, like so many around the world, found out just how much I depend on having all this connectivity in the palm of my hand.

The most telling was the amount of "fixes" that surfaced. I mean really. Enter this code, don't enter that code, broadcast this message, etc. It was unending. But I have to say, my. favourite came from a family member who sent this out to everyone he knew....

Important Message: for your BBM to start working... Hold the phone in your right hand, hop up and down on your left leg, rub your tummy with your left hand and scream Ta-Da 3 times....your phone will start working!!!!!

It's hysterical because everyone was doing everything (even the obviously ridiculous) they could. What the hack did we do before these fruits filled our baskets? How do the millions of persons who don't own smart phones function without their instant messaging, email, BBM, internet browsing, social media, picture sharing and not to mention ALL the bird raging, drink mixing, restaurant finding apps?

We were on the road most of yesterday and the day before, sitting at a computer wasn't an option so I did miss having instant access to my main email (for me that's 1 personal and 3 business) and no I wasn't able to BBM my people. I actually CALLED people! Fortunately, text messaging wasn't affected.

I know....that's so 90's.