Kids in the Kitchen: Halloween Themed Cake

Have your Pumpkin and Eat it Too!

I love to make cakes. I love to make cupcakes. I love to make cookies too.

I spend hours, sometimes weeks on custom cake and favour designs. But I was thinking if you don't have the gadgets. And you don't have the fondants and the gum pastes, all the cutters or maybe even the patience. What would be a cool idea that you can make with ingredients from your local grocery store and spend a little time with the kids making something SPOOKTACULAR?

Years ago, long before I ever took a cake decorating or fondant class, I had a Halloween themed birthday party for my daughter. It was so much fun. We had the coffin, the music, the costumes and even the apples. When it came to the cake I, quite frankly, ran out of time. I believe she was turning 12... so I had 5 children at the time. Couldn't order a cake - too late - and of course every birthday party needs a cake.

Bundt pan
We made a Jack-O-Lantern cake with boxed cake mixes, icing from a can, swiss rolls from a package and chocolate chips from a bag. Besides the baking time the entire decorating and putting it together took about 40 minutes...and that's with many little hands in the batter and icing!

Want to try it? Here's what you do.

Using a bundt pan, make two separate cakes. We made 1 chocolate, 1 vanilla...always the people pleaser.

Add orange food colouring to your icing. TIP: If your store doesn't carry orange just mix yellow and red one drop at a time.

When COMPLETELY cool place one cake round side down, flat side up and cover in icing. If the flat side of your cake domed up when baking you can easily trim it off to make it flatter using a bread or seratted knife.

 Trim your second cake if necessary then place on top of the first. This time it will be flat side down and rounded side up.

Now cover both cakes in more orange frosting. TIP: chill some of the icing while baking the cakes. If you have a gap like the one on the side put the chilled icing in that space. It will hold better while you ice the rest of the cake. Don't worry about getting it on perfect. This is fun and not going on any cake decorating reality show and will only win you points with your family and friends. Once you have all the icing on, smooth the icing in an up and down motion.

Now cut the Swiss Rolls, except for one, in half. Fill the cavity in the middle. When you get to the top place the full swiss roll you put aside upright for the stem. Then place more halved rolls around it..

So voilĂ ! You're almost done! All you need to do it decorate the face. You can use candy, gummies, chocolate chips...anything really. Make it your own. On this one, the kids who are 9 and 6 used chocolate chips AND it was actually done twice! TIP: If you feel you make a "mistake" or really don't like where it's going, scrape it off, re-ice and do it again!

You and your kids will have a blast making this fun and inexpensive Halloween treat!

If you make this cake, send me your pics or post them on my Facebook page! I want to see what you come up with!