5 Great Advent Calendars

Being a mom of a Type 1 Diabetic, I am always looking for a fun or unique way to manage some of the typically sweeter elements of certain holidays and events. The advent calendar is something we've done with  all of  our children and finding an alternative to the themed boxed chocolate variety can take a little imagination. Whether your countdown is religious or not, these are some really great ideas.


I love the idea of taking an old wooden crate or tray and crafting some small boxes which can be filled with small thoughtful gifts. It is so much fun to watch them open each day up with so much anticipation!

Another great idea. Pick up some of those really cool magnetized spice/bead/everything small jars. Paint, decorate and personalize them. You can pick these up at most dollar sores and they are available at Staples. Put them on a magnetic board, make a tree on your fridge. Fun, fun, fun!

Love, love, love this idea. It is easy to make yourself and can be decorated to coordinate with your holiday colour scheme. Paint the clothes pegs and jazz it up with glitter, bias tape, fabric, scrapebooking paper...the list goes on. The tied packages lend themselves to many different and odd shaped things.

And truthfully, how could anyone ever consider any spectacular, crafty project without getting their Martha on. I mean really. The supreme ruler of all things beautiful and crafty. I don't know anyone who doesn't peruse her site or reference one of her books or videos when starting a project or looking for inspiration. This sock idea is fantastic. It is cute, a little whimsical and won't break the bank. Great for gift cards, small figures and easy to open for little hands.

Another wonderful idea is to hang the gifts right on a Christmas tree. This works really well for families with more than one child. You could assign a colour to each child, maybe their favourite colours, especially if there is a large difference in age and the little trinkets and special things need to be age appropriate. We did this one year with the plastic ornaments that open up to be filled and literally had no room for our decorations. We had to add ornaments as the gifts came off. It was very colourful but cute too!

Giving children small but meaningful gifts as we count down to Christmas morning can offer them a small sense of what giving is and is completely worth your efforts. 

The delight on the little ones faces as their excitement grows each day is a joy.