Christmas Printable

I began pulling out the elves and sleighs this week. Assembling the army of nutcrackers and crafting a few new additions to the line up (example - my chestnut tree. Brilliant idea in my head, jury's still out, lol)

But as I started to set everything out I realized I needed something else. 

I took a couple of pictures to see if the problem would pop out. And it did. The background for one group of Christmas decorations was boring. In fact, it was non-existent. Then I remembered seeing framed holiday themed printables all over the web and thought what I needed was a Christmas printable of my own. Clever as I am, I put a few festive words and images together that, to me, speaks winter, the holidays and Christmas. It was difficult deciding which words to leave out. I might make another one, as a companion.

 Design is on an 8x11, standard letter size sheet and is framed in a 14x16 frame.
You can download image as a PDF file here

I decided to add one for those who don't want images. 

The background is grey and the words are white!
Get this one here

If possible, set your print options to "without borders".

Happy Holiday Decorating!