Rise & Shine, it's off to work you go!

"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected" - Steve Jobs

Today's the day. The day my son has been looking forward to for weeks. It's the 17th annual Take Our Kids to Work Day and he will be joining over 200,000 grade nine students across Canada accompanying parents, friends and family to their workplace.

I think it's a great program because it not only shows kids the value of work in a practical, hands on way but also the benefits of staying in school and doing well. Show them they can do something interesting and fun AND get paid for it. It helps them consider what they may or may not want to do for a paycheck.

I love that it gets them thinking about what they might do for student employment. All of my now adult children have worked part-time while in school and it has definitely served them well. I don't just mean with a few bucks in the bank account either. Time management, organizational skills, people skills, etc. - yes - but also, steady part-time work at a good, quality employer like McDonalds or IKEA looks AMAZING on their resumes and will definitely make them a candidate of choice when the time comes to find full-time work.

And as an added bonus, Take Our Kids to Work Day gives them a glimpse of what their parents do everyday to keep the refrigerator full and provide those sleek, shiny consoles for their gaming pleasure.

We always say to lead by example and to teach our kids to reach for the stars. Some kids will be shown to do what you love and others will be shown an appreciation for hard work. Whatever the outcome of this days practices, I think Take Our Kids to Work Day is a great place to start.

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