The Avengers | Action, Heroes and Humour = Box Office Mega-Hit

This movie was GREAT!

Not everyone at our house are huge comic book fans. Sad but true yes but here's the best part.

It didn't matter.

The Avengers was fast and clever. Action packed. And it was very funny - Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark/Iron Man) was hilarious as usual, the squabbles between the characters were comedic and Scarlett Johanssen's character (Natasha Romanoff/The Black Widow) interrogation tactics were downright entertaining. There was constant laughter, cheering and applause from moviegoers throughout the entire film.

For the first time ever, my husband and I had to rock-paper-scissor the kids washroom break. Neither of us wanted to leave, lol - I lost. 

I realize the record 200 million dollars The Avengers raked in over this opening weekend in Canada and the U.S. clearly shows this to be a huge hit but it really was a well put together movie that packed action and humour into 2 1/2 hours of fun for everyone. Well worth the hour in line to get in and the ridiculously expensive special edition cups, complete with removable figures, the kids HAD to have.

For those of you who haven't been yet... go see it. And stay in your seat until after the credits. There's a small scene at the end. Don't want to miss that.

We gave this movie a unanimous 5 thumps-up and an astounding 9.5/10. 

Unheard of at our house.