The Days are Busy here in Momville

I have guilt. I have completely neglected The Jelly Bean Trail. It's been about a month since the last post. But deep in the heart of MomVille it gets so busy! Between the everyday stuff like laundry, doctor visits, walking the dog,  a little exercise, feeding the family, etc and all the other things planned and unplanned it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day sometimes. You know what I mean?

There have been graduations

A round of mini golf, dinner and fireworks to celebrate Canada Day.

BTW, Lone Star Texas Grill in Pickering. First time there, food was good and service was excellent!

A few films

Spiderman was fantastic.

Get tickets at


Some super hot day water fun!

Some Dragon Hunting. And an outing or two.

If you head over to Centre Island this summer don't just go to Centreville and go home. Grab a map and walk around. If you walk to the back you will find a pier and a beach. We didn't come prepared but we let them play in the sand and water just the same. They have showers to rinse off the sand and well, dries. You can also go bike riding and have a picnic. 
Sorry to say, it appears that the Hedge Maze is no longer.

If you have younger children, there is an awesome Franklin Garden about 
mid-way between the beach and the ferry.

It has been busy, a little bit messy but a lot of fun. So worth the memories :)