Back to School Organization

There are a few things I do to make our morning routine run smoothly... actually, there are many but here are the few that I couldn't do without.

Back to School Organization. T-shirt drawer.

Kids Command Central - Otherwise known as the cork board. I know what you're thinking. "What the heck does a cork board have to do with getting the kiddos out the door in the morning?" EVERYTHING!  This is where the kids keep organized. Time tables, assignment schedules and school calendars are here along with a few drawings, etc. This keeps the kids on track and on time. They can take one quick look at the board and know what they have that day and what they need to bring with them.

Tidy surfaces and shelves - Nothing can slow you down and waste time like searching for things. Keeping these areas free of clutter and well organized just makes sense. Find a spot for everything and get rid of the clutter. If the pencils are kept where the pencils go and the library books are kept where the library books go then you know where they are at any given moment. Never have to search for them, thus saving you time.

Label, label, label - Labelling things may seem over the top for some people but it not only makes it easy to find what you're looking for, it also helps when putting things away. Everything is returned to where it should be. And label binder tabs too. Designate a place for everything. Help younger children stay organized by going through their binder with them once a week and putting notes left in any "catch all" pockets into the appropriate spot. Label bins, shelves and school supply boxes so it's easy to grab what you need and get out the door.

Organize clothes - Hands down, this is the most important one for me - followed closely by making lunches the night before. I keep the kids clothes categorized in their drawers and closet by type, size, colour and season. Sound crazy? Not so much. It has proven over and over again to save time and lessen anxiety.
The best tip I have come across about organizing shirt drawers is from Alejandra Costello. She is awesome. If you like things well organized then you should check out her website or YouTube channel.
It is a great idea to plan outfits for the next school day but if someone changes their mind or the weather goes wonky it's easy to swap out one item for another when everything can be found quickly and easily.

For me, staying organized is essential. I would rather put a little time into keeping things in order than pull my hair out trying to solve the households "where did it go" dilemmas, all at once, while trying to get out the door.

Besides - neat, tidy and organized not only feels better, it looks better too!


Happy Organizing!