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Fall Leaves Craft IdeaI love the fall.

I love the colours, I love the weather. I love the coziness.

And fall is fun! Apple picking, pumpkin carving...Thanksgiving! Fun indoor craft days when its raining and chilly. Last year I posted a fun, fall leaves craft idea that uses all those colourful leaves we tend to pick up along our way in the fall.

Now that I have seen a few leaves hit the ground I was thinking about what else we could do this year. I came across this idea this morning and I think it's a really cute one.

And this is another really cute turkey craft idea too! No leaves but the cereal probably tastes better. I wonder how much of the cereal would become a snack?

Depending on how willing your guests are, I think it would be a great idea for everyone at Thanksgiving dinner to make a turkey handprint for a keepsake. Everyone could add it to paper that can be framed or to cloth using fabric paint - to be used as a table runner or pillow.
Ooh... or maybe on an apron to be used every Thanksgiving! I am looking for a family project like this to do with the grandkids this Thanksgiving and this would be fun.
Okay, okay - their parents can help. No doubt, this will get interesting, lol.

And back to the trees. They used cork for this but you could use anything really. Potatoes, sponges, brushes....HANDS and FINGERS!

I want to make one like this but then add family photos to the branches as well. It would be a fun project I think!

Another good one for the kids that they can display as a centrepiece.

Love this little guy.

Please feel free to share any awesome fall craft ideas you come across or come up with on my Facebook page! Love to share great ideas there!

Happy Crafting!


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  2. I shared some of these ideas with my children while we were doing out annual leaf cleanup last fall. We ended up saving a few leaves to use to make gifts for mom. She loved them. These made my wife and children's day, thank you so much!

  3. These are great crafts. I love doing fall crafts with the kids. Ok ok I like doing any season craft with the kids I admit it LOL. But I like doing crafts when the excitement of the new season is fresh. I found your site on the Monday Mingle at The Naptime Review and it is great.
    Patricia @


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