Free Printable | Weekly Menu Planning

Good Monday Morning!

I had an awesome weekend! It was super productive. Our youngest son was busy with birthday parties, sleepovers and a trip to the LEGO store with his best buds family and my husband was working. My grandkids were not over this weekend AND the rest of the kids at home are adults and teenagers with jobs and friends so I was free to just get some stuff done.

Every now and then it happens and I take full advantage of it!

I got my pantry and a shelving unit for added storage reorganized - added some new bins for baking and dry foods, went through and sorted all the papers that needed filing/throwing out - will be shredding papers to be tossed today, reorganized the downstairs bathroom cabinet - turns out we don't need any more soap bars for quite some time lol and blazed through the laundry including the bedding! There were a few other smaller things that I got done as well not to mention three dozen chocolate chips cookies and two dozen cupcakes got baked.

And the baking I got done brings me to the weekly menu plan.

I like to have an idea of what I am making for dinner for about a month at a time. But I definitely like to have them PLANNED for at least a week in advance. I came up with a weekly menu plan that works for me. It is simple, colour coded and includes the extra prep I like to get done on Sundays, including baking, and has enough room that I can plan lunches if needed.

I will share three versions of the menu plan I use.

Colour coded with prep - This is the one I use. I like it because I can then use coloured sticky notes in each square for planning. I use this same colour coding with my blog planning too. It makes it easy to move things around before ideas become concrete plans.
Color coded weekly menu planning page

Colour codeno prep - Basically the same as above. I have removed the sub-headings "week prep", "dinner" and "baking" so you can fill in (or not, lol) what works for you.
Color coded weekly menu planning page free printable

Blank - I took out all colour coding and left two blank areas for you to use as you need.
Blank weekly menu planning page free printable

These are not fancy. I don't add pictures or anything. 
I like to keep it simple and organized.

Besides, by the time you add a few stickers and sticky notes to these already colourful pages it will be bright, colourful and unique to you.

Happy Meal Planning!