How I Organize and Keep Track of my son's Type 1 Diabetes Care

Several years ago, when my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (you can read more about that here), I had to come up with a new system to organize and keep track of this new normal we were now facing. 

And when it feels like a situation or event might be too overwhelming, I do what comes naturally to me. I break it down into it's pieces, make a list and tackle it one line at a time.

I have a binder for "Home and Family" and I have a binder for "Recipes". I have a few binders in fact - and a filing system - and hey, I like things kept a certain way. So it made sense to design a binder that addressed everything we needed for this as well. {You can watch the video here}

Organizing Type 1 Diabetes Care

The Basics

Our son needs:

To test his blood several times per day.
To be within a certain blood sugar range.
His blood sugar levels to remain steady.
A specific amount of insulin to control his blood sugar.
Have a Medic Alert bracelet.

We need to:

Be able to track patterns in his blood sugar levels.
Track medications he takes.
Track his illnesses.
Keep his insulin, supplies and medications up to date and available at all times.
Get him to every scheduled appointment at his Diabetes Clinic.

So to give him the best shot at a healthy future with the least amount of long term issues I put together a binder consisting of:

Insulin dosing chart with a sliding scale - This is based on the instructions his Diabetes Team at Sick Kids give us at his regular three month visits. Every dose is paired with a pre-determined range in blood sugar levels. This is kept right on the transparent cover of the binder.

Blood sugar testing chart - This is where we write down what his blood sugar levels are, how much insulin he was given and where we watch for patterns of high or low levels.

Medication checklist - Keeps track of medications he has taken (both over-the-counter and prescription), why he has taken them, when he took them, how much and for how long. A good record to keep for all your children.

List of Diabetes Prescriptions for Medications and Supplies - I keep a detailed list of every Diabetes related prescription he has here. To make it easy I have included the Rx number and number of refills with it as well. When I see that we are getting low on supplies I tick off what I need and head to the drug store. This also helps for our hospital visits because it lets me know at a glance if I need any prescriptions written.

Medic Alert information - So important! Since we can't possibly be with our child all the time (and believe me, in the beginning - I wanted to) following him around with meters and emergency kits we got him a Medic Alert bracelet  It's a little piece of mind should he need medical attention, Diabetes related or not, that the paramedics will have access to up-to-date information regarding what his condition is and what medications he is on. A must for anyone who has a chronic  medical condition.

We keep his binder with his Diabetes supplies so it is easy to access and maintain, On our clinic days, we just pop it into our bag and off we go fully armed with all the information from the last three months.

Staying organized is good practice period. It makes my life more productive and easier to manage when chaos does pay us a visit. 

And it does, lol. Boy...does it ever!

{note} My favourite binder for any organizing project is the Staples Better Binder -

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