I'm Cleaning Up My Act and I'm Doing It Like a Warrior

I bet you think this post is about cleaning and organizing don't you?

Not this time.

Except for about a decade of my life I have been interested in eating well and regular exercise. Since about the age of 12 that I can remember (20 Minute Workout anyone?). The only time it didn't matter was during the years that my life felt far too overwhelming to care about what I was putting in my mouth or what sitting on my butt knitting was doing to my body...ooh and having seven children and mindlessly eating "McWendy King" during the last three pregnancies.

Not to worry though. Fortunately, at some point in that period, I realized that depressed was no way to be and coping was not a lifestyle. With my doctor's help I began to focus on the good things I could do for my overall health not to mention my waistline.

So over the last few years I continued to look for what were healthier choices in food and what fitness goals I would strive to achieve and would keep me motivated. I discovered running again, Zumba and Yoga and love all of them.

Back from a run!
Then I came across and purchased P90X, did a round of it and loved it because they tell you how to move and when AND they don't harp on what not to eat. They tell you in plain English what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. They tell you TO EAT! The program focuses more on what you CAN DO. More recently I got a copy of Tony Horton's book "Bring It". And this is where I am at today.

I am starting another round of the classic stream of P90X today but this time I am also taking Tony Horton's advice and doing a four week cleanse. Hey , I love coffee, I love cheese and I never had a problem with a piece of whole grain bread and a spoonful of peanut butter. But I also know they are not the best for you. It's worth a try to see how I feel without them.

He (Tony) gives you three ways to do it - Beginner, Striver and...THE WARRIOR. Lol. That's what I chose.

Go Big or Go Home!!! Right?

I am big on setting goals, preferably tangible, realistic goals. 

I am sure I can do this one. My anniversary is on November 30th and if I start now I will have completed it by then. That's my goal.

So here goes. Week One - I will be eliminating coffee and caffeine containing products (oh man, no chocolate) alcohol, sugar AND processed foods. Lol, well doesn't that list just make you not want to get out of bed. Kidding. It's all good. I went gluten free before and felt awesome. I'm sure I will feel the effects of these changes pretty quickly.

I will be updating here on how it's going every Monday for the four weeks of the cleanse. And I will share any thoughts and revelations along the way, probably on Twitter and on my Facebook page.

Next week - eliminating gluten containing products. Easy peasy.....

Wish me luck!

*Disclaimer* - I am not trying to sell anything, The last time I checked Canadians are not able to distribute any of BeachBody's products. I am just sharing my story. Also, I am not a fitness expert or dietitian, I am by no means skinny. I just try to be as healthy as I can be by seeking out expert advice.The health and fitness programs and activities I participate in are fun and for me, get results. I am sharing this because I hope every Mom out there takes a little bit of time, if not every day, at least every week to focus on their well being. I hope that every Mom out there puts themselves on their lists and searches out ways to be the best they can be - as vigorously as they do for their children and husbands and everyone else in their lives.


  1. You go girl!! Xoxo. I'm rooting for you. :-)

    1. Thanks girl!

      It's day three and I am missing coffee, lol...

      I'm sure I'll be missing sugar AND caffeine when the kids go trick or treating! :)

  2. I'm your follower number 30!!! Yea!!! I love the P90X program... I really need to get "Bring It". I'm cheering you on... so hard to give things up. I swear, I could be allowed to eat ANYTHING except an apple and all day long I would obsess about APPLES. You are probably waaaaaay better than me! Keep up the good work! jules


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