International Day of the Girl

Today our daughter Nicole graduated from university.

How great is it that Nicole's graduation from YorkU is on The International Day of The Girl? 

When we all take note of how Girls + Education = Empowerment! 

When we take a look at the facts surrounding girls and education around the world. In many countries  girls are not afforded the opportunity or the right to an education nor is it safe or even feasible. I was shocked to find out that 39 million girls between the ages of 11 and 15 are out of school. Really? Yes. Here in Canada, we can't even imagine it.

The benefits seem obvious for educating our girls but many of them we take for granted without even realizing it.

When girls get an education they:

*are less likely to marry far too young.
*will likely have less children at a young age, avoiding the complications associated with this.
*are more likely to be immunized and immunize their children.
*are going to generate an income and then contribute back to her family, village or community.
*will gain confidence, knowledge and the self awareness needed to continue to move forward in the fight for the rights of women and children.

So as I listened to the speeches at the ceremony today it struck me that not every girl is as 'lucky' as our daughters.  I couldn't help but think about how grateful I am that we live here in North America for that matter. We are not only encouraged to get an education it's kind of expected. But also, perhaps even more importantly, we have the opportunity to use it. 

To watch my daughter graduate from university on this day, The International Day of the Girl, gave me an even bigger sense of pride and accomplishment. I wish that feeling for every mother, everywhere.

With an education, girls can dream. This is every girl's right.

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