Organized Chaos | Getting our kids game systems and controllers organized

I thought I had organized my boys gaming gadgets.

But as it turns out, it wasn't quite working.... for them. Ahhhh. Got it. Sure I can go ahead and put everything away as I think it should be and I can put all of the wires, accessories and controllers neatly wrapped up in a bin. But would they?

The answer, quite simply, was no.
Family room organization

I missed one of the most important things in organizing a space - YOU HAVE TO CONSIDER WHAT IS GOING TO WORK FOR THE PERSON USING THE SPACE.

So to quickly deal with an overflowing bin of controllers and consoles all over the floor in this space in the basement, I had the boys go through everything again WITH ME.

Originally I:
Gave every console a home.
Organized the games by system.
Put all the wires, remotes and cords in a labeled bin.
Put all of the controllers and accessories in another labeled bin. (The coloured bins are from IKEA)

And although I thought this was genius it quickly became apparent that this was not working out as I had planned.

So, with the boys help we:

*Most important *- Got rid of every cord and wire that didn't work or wasn't needed.(This almost cleared the bin entirely)

We put all of the accessories (turntables, wheels, stands, etc) into one bin with a little room to spare.

Grouped all of the controllers by system, placing them in their own bin in order of how often they use them.
     * I considered getting separate bins for each systems controllers or compartmentalizing inside the bin but I realized I was trying to make this far too hard for myself. My goal was to get the controllers off the tables and sofa when they were finished using them. And that's all. There is lots of room in that particular bin now and we shouldn't have any issues with controllers and wires hanging out all over the place :)

Addressed the cord to console maze, put the wires through the proper holes in the back of the unit. Now they don't have to pull cords up and around the unit to play. Everything is ready to go.

They are already really good about putting the games back on the shelf so that remained the same. I am hoping that with the added space for controllers available now, that this habit of putting everything back in it's place will continue with these as well.

Organized Game Controllers
I do need to address one other cord situation on the weekend and that is the ugly extension cord issue to the far left. I think I will grab a bigger one from the store and have my hubby mount it on the wall between the unit and sofa. Easy access but out of the way and out of sight!

On this particular day I was also making my first attempt at vlogging...yes, lol. If you're interested and can make it though my run, my lunch and my nails first, there is video of the chaos and the cleaned up chaos in my October Day Vlog below. It can only get better :)

So here's my take on this situation. 

A lot of home organizing will be a work in progress, especially when it comes to things that change often or involve children. 

You have to live with a system for a bit to see if it will work for you. 

And mostly, don't sweat it - in the video you will hear that I am laughing at the mess. As much as I like to have everything in it's place it isn't going to ruin my day...but I will probably try to do it better. 

And finally, my kids got in there with this and learned something that will benefit them in long run!

Happy Organizing!