Free Printable | Birthday Calendar

Ahhhh November. For us, the month of the birthday.

There isn't a week this month that we aren't breaking out the candles and into song to celebrate a birthday or two. My son, my brother, my aunt, a few friends and both of my get the idea.

To keep track of all the birthdays I use a birthday calendar. Keeping track of family birthdays is fairly easy at this point but add in extended family and friends and it begins to get a little more difficult. The easiest way to remember them all is to write it down. Sometimes you just can't beat a pen and a piece of paper. No missed reminders, no data lost. It just sits waiting to be referenced.

You can download a copy for yourself, if you are interested, below! There are ten spaces in each month and room to put DD/YYYY (to keep track of the age) and the name. PDF file.

Birthday Calendar in
Butter (Yellow)

Birthday Calendar in

Birthday Calendar
Colour Coded

I hope these help you stay on top of all the birthdays for the people who mean the most to you!

*update* The first week of my cleansed diet and return to P90X was pretty uneventful. Except for the slight but expected muscle soreness from a new activity and a bit of a headache on Day 3 (I think due to the lack of caffeine) everything was fine. I only craved coffee, that was Day 3 and Halloween. Not bad since candies and chocolates were EVERYWHERE! I generally stick to fruits and veggies and lean proteins most days as a rule and I drink plenty of water. I really only gave up tea, coffee and yogurt this week. The rest is pretty standard. What I can say is that I do have a lot of energy. Perhaps it's the lack of highs and lows that the tea and coffee would have provided.

This week - NO GLUTEN

It probably won't get too interesting until I eliminate dairy next week and all animal products the following week. That makes getting enough protein more of a challenge :)