Disguise your holiday gifts with a merry jingle

Do you have movers and shakers in your house??

Do they come out around this time of year? We do. There is a whole lot of shaking and jiggling of presents under the tree. Our youngest was shaking a gift placed under the tree by his grandmother and proclaimed it to be Lego. Lol, I have to admit, there are some gifts that can be wrapped in many clever ways but with one shake all will be revealed. I told my son that it sounded more like a big box of paper clips.....

Decorate gifts with jingle bells

This year I decided to add a jingle bell to EVERY present that is going under the tree.

I got these at Dollar Tree so it didn't add much expense. There are nine in a pack and I just tied one on to the ribbon before adding tags, then tied a bow. They make the gifts look extra festive, just carrying them up to the tree put a smile on my face. 

It sounded like Santa.

Decorate presents with jingle bells.