Teavana Perfect Tea Maker | Review

Teavana Perfect Tea Maker
In February, I received an amazing gift! Teavana's Perfect Tea Maker.

It's funny because I have gone to their retail stores and tried their teas and loved them. I have raved about their teas and bought the teas and even the Tea Maker for other people so they could try it but had never thought to get it for myself!

I bought one for my brother at Christmas because he is a big green tea drinker and knew he would love it. After raving to our mother about how nice the tea was, Mum then gave it a try and after a little chat with me realized I had not bought one for myself. I am a giver....what can I say. So finally, my mother decided it was time for me to get one and gave me this awesome little gizmo for my birthday. Yes!

It makes preparing the tea so easy! Boil the kettle, add the tea to the tea maker, fill the tea maker to the top with the water, let steep for the proper amount of time then just place it on top of the mug and all of the delicious tea drains into the cup. You can't get this wrong. The amount of tea and how long it needs to steep is printed right on the front of the package. And if you have a fancy kettle that boils to a specific temperature, that's on there too. Clean up is a breeze. Just dump the leaves into the green bin and wash it out with warm sudsy water, rinse and let it air dry. Ready for the next time!

Teavana's Perfect Tea Maker makes a big cup of tea. The one I have holds two cups of water. Currently I am drinking their Apple Lemon Pomegranate Rooibus Tea and White Ayurvedic Chai White Tea. I love them both.

The Apple Lemon Pomegranate is light, lemony and is caffeine free. It's perfect for my afternoon tea and goes nicely with a fresh fruit as a snack.

The White Ayurvedic Chai has a spicy flavour and you can really pick up on the cinnamon and cloves. I tend to have this in the morning but do love to drink it throughout the day as well as there is very little caffeine in.

You can use honey, rock sugar or even regular sugar/sweeteners but I don't use any type of sweetener in any of the teas I have tried. So far all of the teas have been wonderful so I let the flavour do all the work!

I will definitely continue to use the tea maker and their teas. Teavana's Perfect Tea Maker makes enjoying a cup of loose leaf tea too easy. I may not be a tea expert (hehe - yet!) but I know what I like and this stuff is AMAZING!

To find out more about Teavana and the benefits of drinking there many teas visit http://www.teavana.com/