10 Fun and Super Cute Valentine's Day Craft and Treat Ideas

I'm always on the hunt for fun ideas to do with the kiddos. These are ten of my favourite craft and treat ideas that have come across for this Valentine's Day! We used a tissue roll last Easter to make bunnies and the kids loved it because they could be displayed but the rolls are small enough for an easy grip for the smaller ones, making it easy to use them as puppets...and occasionally as projectiles. Lol, true story.

Super cute heart butterfly tissue roll craft
Super cute heart butterfly from She Knows Parenting

Marshmallow valentines treats
Marshmallow valentines treats from The Sweet Life

Heart necklace paper craft
Heart necklace craft from Red Ted Art

Sweet krispie treats dipped in a little love rice krispie heart
Sweet krispie treats dipped in a little love from foodgawker

Cutest Valentine's Day mailbox
Cutest Valentine's Day mailbox from Apihyayan Blog

Valentine's lunch box idea
Valentine's lunch box idea from Apihyayan Blog

Potato stamper Valentine's cards
Potato stamper Valentine's cards from the Barefoot Seamstress

Fun pom pom Valentine garland
Fun pom pom Valentine garland from noodlehead

 Curly paper hearts
 Curly paper hearts from How About Orange

blotto blotter valentines day craft hand painting hearts
Heart Craft from The Chocolate Muffin Tree