Super easy buttercream frosting idea for cupcakes

Hey there! Just thought I'd share this super easy frosting idea that I came up with for one of our recent Sunday dinner desserts!

how to ice cupcakes

I had some chocolate and vanilla buttercream left over from during the week and thought I would put it to good use! I took an idea that I use on sugar cookies and applied almost the same technique to the cupcakes.

I filled two disposable piping bags and cut the tip off...a really small snip. Then I started with drawing lines with the chocolate, leaving a space between each line. It doesn't matter which colour you use first.

cupcake idea jellybeantrail

Then I added the vanilla in the spaces between the chocolate.

how to frost cupcakes easy

Next, I took a toothpick and dragged it across the lines and alternating the direction of the drag from left to right with each pass.

easy to frost cupcakes

I added a little trim.

cupcakes ideas you can do at home

And then topped some of them off with mini Rolo's!

Rolo cupcake idea easy icing

You can use buttercream made from scratch or any store bought variety of icing. Have fun!