The Honest Company Essentials Bundle ~ November Unboxing

I'm so excited! I finally received my full sized Essentiasl Bundle from The Honest Company!

The Honest Company Unboxing

Initially, I had signed up to get the trial sized sample pack about a month ago. It was a free sample (only had to pay for shipping) consisting of five of their products. The trial included:

* Shampoo and Body Wash
* Face and Body Lotion
* Hand Soap
* Multi-Surface Cleaner
* Healing Balm

I loved everything I had tried so I continued on with my subscription. What I love about The Honest Company's bundle is that you can mix and match the available products to your liking AND I was also able to add up to an additional three items, at a discount. The products work very well and smell great. I don't know if I was sold on these products before I even tried them...I may have been, lol....BUT I can say that after using them for the past few weeks that I am genuinely a fan now.

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle November

My November Essentials Bundle included....

* Multi-Surface Cleaner -  a non toxic, biodegradable plant based cleaner, works very well, smells great, Safe for use everywhere in the home. 26 oz  (White Grapefruit)

* Glass and Window Cleaner - non toxic, biodegradable, plant based cleaner. Nothing but sparkle!  26 oz -  (Free and Clear)

* Shampoo and Body Wash -  tear free, non toxic, plant based, vegan.  8.5 oz  (Sweet Orange Vanilla)
* Foaming Hand Wash -  plant based, non toxic and hydrating  8.5 oz (Lavender)

* Organic Lip Balm Trio -  no synthetic ingredients or flavours, free of the bad stuff! Moisturizing, Feels light on the lips. 3 x 4.2g  (Purely Simple, Sweet Orange Vanilla, Lavender Mint)

I also added on

* Hydrating Shea Butter Cleansing Bar -  84% organic, Made with coconut, olive and argan oils. Vegan, non toxic.   5 oz ea.(Lavender, Tangerine Vanilla)

There are other types of bundles available as well. There is a Diapers and Wipes Bundle and a Health and Wellness Bundle.

So, in short, I am HOOKED!!! I'm loving everything so far and feel like I'm making a great decision for my family by having these products in my home. I will definitely be continuing on with this bundle and may have to try the Health and Wellness one next!