Mini Haul - Planner|Binder Supplies and Organization

It was all supposed to be so simple.

Go for a run. Stop in at Staples on my way back. Buy a pen. Walk home. YEAH RIGHT. I didn't even get the pen I went for! Does this happen to everyone? What is it about Staples?? They're office supplies, why can't I stop myself??? Honestly, it's a good thing I was on foot because I may have brought home a paper shredder or something.

Planner Binder Supplies Organization Haul

So this non-pen-yielding trip did however prove to be quite satisfying in the end. I did manage to bring home some super cute additions to my supplies and a few much needed items. 

Stickers Gel Pens Staedtler

Let's start with a few bright and colourful things. The fun stuff. Over to the right is where, I guess, my distraction began. I was clearly in the right section to find my pen when I started my adventure.  I grabbed a four pack of the PaperMate Erasable Gel Pens and the 10 ct Staedtler Triplus Fineliner porous point pens. I have been primarily using Sharpie and Bic pens of various sizes in my planner but decided that these would be lovely! I'm a sucker for the bright and colourful. It's like a cat and a flashlight. I don't stand a chance. And of course, I HAD to get the Trend stickers! You never know when you might need to add a monkey or a fox....or an elephant........or a squid to your weeks plans. I mean, come on. Into the basket they go.

Bic White Out, Dymo White Tape Washi Post It To Do Sticky Notes

Moving on to the practical and somewhat decorative. Bic White Out Corrective Tape, a Dymo Letratag Paper Labels (for my label maker), some SandyLion and Scotch Washi Tape, a Post-It Notes Magnet To Do List and a four pack of smaller sticky notes for planning ahead in my Erin Condren Life Planner.

Avery Big Tab Reversible Dividers

Now these are so fun. As with most things sold in this particular store, I really like dividers. I know it's weird but I do. That's probably why they made it into the cover image for this post. I mean seriously, are they not gorgeous? When I saw these fancy ones the clouds parted and rays of sun shone through. I had a moment and then proceeded to grab all three colours available. I use binders for everything. Recipes, diabetes management, home management, scheduling, event I not only want these, I actually need them. The Avery Big Tab Reversible Dividers are AWESOME! They are super sturdy, nothing flimsy here. Each pack has between 5-8 dividers with varied designs on one side and coordinating colour on the other. I also picked up two of the Staples brand Twin Pocket Organizational Folders with three hole punch for use with binders. I think these will come in very handy when I need a place to hold papers, flyers or bills until I get to filing. I currently have some heavy duty, clear, fold top protector sheets for this purpose but these bad boys will work much better.
Planner Binder Supplies Organization Haul

So that's it! Just for fun we'll do a group shot. Everybody say... YOU STILL NEED A PEN!

I have an Etsy planner sticker haul coming up very soon. I'm so excited!