The "However You Say It" Holiday Season and Christmas Card Exchange

Hey guys! I will be doing a Christmas card exchange this year. The Holiday season is my absolute favourite time of year. We all know that it's a very special time of year for those who are religious but it is also a wonderful time to celebrate family, friends and good tidings. Some only take part in the commercial or retail side of the holidays and some choose to get far, far away from it...on a warm sandy beach. Whatever you and your family do this time of year I would love to share in the festive gesture of holiday greeting cards! To me, it's a matter of taking the time to wish those who are important to me a Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings or Happy Holidays.

And no, I won't be getting caught up the debate around if it's appropriate still to say Merry Christmas. Everyone can say whatever they want to say. I personally don't think about it. I use whatever wording is appropriate at any given time and if someone wishes me any type of greeting I always wish them the same back.

So please send me a greeting card!  I will send one back! I will be selecting a few of my favourites and sharing them online.

Send cards to....

1706A The Donway West
Suite 149
Toronto, ON
M3C 2E8