Handbag cake tutorial. Marc Jacobs edition.

For my daughter's birthday I made a cake inspired my one of her favourite things. A Marc Jacobs bag. I messaged her friend to find out what she would like and was very quickly sent a picture of the latest bag that my daughter is currently wanting.

The party was amazing and I think she loved her cake!

Marc Jacobs bag purse birthday cake jellybeantrail

It took three 12 inch cakes, cut in half. A double batch of buttercream icing. Black and gold fondant. And a few adjustments here and there.

I started with carving and icing the cakes after cutting the square slabs in half and stacking them.

I then covered it with black fondant.

I added the "zipper" and gold accents with gold coloured fondant.


 I gave it a good steam and then...off to the party!


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