I'm so glad you're here!

I love everything home style, décor & organization, food & entertaining, fashion, beauty, travel, fitness, wellness and good vibes.

I'm also a wife and a mom of seven - two girls, five boys.

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 You don’t have to be perfect.

But you do have to show up.

a little background

I started blogging in 2011 to share the things in my life that I get asked about all the time. Real life stuff. Busy mom questions, decorating, event planning and organization ideas. Baking and cooking adventures, entertaining, raising an interracial family, weight loss/health and wellness advice, food and nutrition. I have written posts and made videos about everything from baking a rainbow cake to living with a positive mindset and even knowing when to let go. Sometimes I feel like a professional chaos handler in my own life, I try to keep a contingency plan or two in my back pocket at all times. My goal has always been to share ideas to help others and to meet people that I can also learn from.

So life is a journey, one I expect will continue to delight and challenge all of us.

Be your best, love your life and do what matters. It’s been my tagline since I started, and I think it still makes sense but with a new twist:

STILL EAT CAKE…. well, sometimes :)

where did the jellybeantrail channel go?

With over 13,000 subscribers and almost 5 million views, it was a very sad day here when the channel was accidentally deleted. By no fault of Youtube, at all. I have chosen to view this as a new beginning and it took me awhile but have decided to recreate some of the content that was most popular but mostly focusing on creating new posts and videos every week. All of the different types of videos - LIFESTYLE, SELF CARE + SWEET THINGS - will all live online in one place and will be clearly defined and grouped in playlists. I look forward to sharing with you and hope you will subscribe again!