10 Minutes to a Cleaner, more Organized Home | A new weekly series

While tidying up this morning I was thinking about what I did differently years ago – when I was in my twenties busy with babies and was slightly less organized.

It occurred to me that in addition to the large tasks I set out to complete and regular cleaning and organization routine, I took about ten minutes (sometimes more, sometimes not) to quickly clean, tidy up and maintain areas that I had already set up or organized a certain way. It really can take as little as ten minutes or so to stay on top of things like paper clutter and STUFF brought into your home and left in various “drop spots”.

This week’s task:Wipe down and reorganize a bathroom cabinet or shelves - not under the sink, that’s an entirely different monster. Throw out/recycle empties and expired products.

Over the years I have come across many sites that had plans to get and stay cleaned up and organized. What I noticed was that many of the readers’ comments implied that the schedules were too rigorous and that they were, for the most part, trying to get caught up.  So my thought was how to do this without getting overwhelmed and keeping our busy lives in mind but at the same time could be extended to a bigger task if needed (or wanted).

Each day I try to take ten minutes to do something around our home that helps keep chaos in check and hopefully make the larger tasks less overwhelming. Cleaning off the coffee table and recycling old magazines. Reorganizing our shopping bags. Clearing off a shelf and prioritizing what needs to go back. Things with immediate results so I can feel like I've accomplished something.


every Thursday I will be adding a ten minute task to the series

 – both cleaning and organizing. Take ten minutes and be done with it or if you find you need more time for a given task, stop at ten then pick up for another ten minutes on a different day and so on until you’re done. But then again, you may have some extra time and get it all done in 15 or 20! I will also periodically post larger “bonus” tasks like monthly or seasonal things that you might want to do as well.






The task:

To wipe down and organize a bathroom cabinet or shelves and to toss empties and expired products. It’s a small thing but it does make a difference!

What I did:

I pulled everything out of the cabinet and wiped down the shelves, sides and door. I then grouped all like products together. Soap with soap, hair products with hair products, etc.I decided what shelf best held which products and put old or expired products aside to rinse and recycle. I then placed everything left back into the cabinet, wiping down the bottles as I went along. I had a little extra time so I also tidied up my sons morning "hair" basket and the general basket I leave out with all their regular morning routine stuff in it. Mission accomplished!