10 Minutes to a Cleaner, more Organized Home | Clear the clutter from your email!

As I was going through my personal email account looking for a message I realized that I had over six hundred emails just sitting around taking up space. Even when using the search option to filter through the emails it was still quite the mission to find the one I was looking for.


Declutter your email inbox!

Print and file, move and reorganize. Decide what's important, get rid of what's irrelevant and move on. 

I knew the email I wanted was in there but it was so frustrating trying to find it. Ah ha! It doesn't matter where clutter looms, it takes up valuable time, looks messy and is completely unnecessary. There is nothing about clutter that induces a happy content feeling that's for sure. I went through my inbox in a barbaric fashion much like I would a closet or drawer. First I did a quick sweep by quickly going through, looking at the senders and check marking all the obvious junk mail. One click...delete. Looked through again by date. Skimmed over everything older than six months - only kept three of those. Then I took a look at everything from the last six months deleted most, printed a few to file, moved a couple into a curating file. I literally have nineteen emails in my inbox and sub-folders now. The awesome part is I came across a picture that I forgot I had in my inbox which had since been destroyed by water.

The shocking part was when I looked up from my computer and realized that it had only taken me about ten minutes to clear over a years worth of messages. I was surprised that it took so little time. Most of what was in there wasn't important. I had already dealt with what  was important as it came in.

The goal now is to continue to clear it out on a regular basis!