10 Minutes to a Cleaner, More Organized Home series | De-Clutter

Everyone's lives are different. We all have different ways of doing things and schedules will vary. So this week the task is to DE-CLUTTER something...ANYTHING. Whether you are a counter stacker, a drawer stuffer, a bin user, an email hoarder or a purse-piler, most people have a place where "stuff" ends up. For me, I am definitely a binder-shover. I get forms, letters, print outs, coupons, reports, recipes, etc...and put them - sometimes haphazardly - in my "Home & Family" binder with the intention to go through it once a week and move them to the appropriate section or new home. When I have time to put things in the appropriate spot right away I do. But more often than not I need go back to it later.

So, whatever it is you need to de-clutter, this week's task is:

Purge, File, Put Away, Shred, Delete, Reorganize and DE-CLUTTER!

For 10 minutes. That's it. Do what you can. Run out of time? Go back to it for another ten minutes tomorrow or the next day until it's done. Try not to get overwhelmed. Do one section at a time or if there's a lot, divide and conquer one category or pile at a time. Maybe you will find that you need to come up with a system or a catch-all that you can empty once a week.

Some ideas to get you started:

Kitchen counter.


A drawer or craft box.

Portable file.

Purse or wallet.

Window ledge.

Top of a book case.

Glove compartment.

Top of microwave.

Dining room table.


Top of Dresser.

Top of refrigerator.

Email or junk mail inbox.

This isn't a clean-out-your-linen-closet type of task. Think of it as a get-back-to-where-you-temporarily-put-things-when-you-come-into-the-house type of task.

Even if you have a spot for everything you still need to go back to the system that works best for you every now and then to purge, file and reorganize!

I would love to hear about what you do to stay on top of the little stuff!