10 Minutes to a Cleaner, more Organized Home series | Interior Doors

This week we continue on with cleaning!

The ten minute task for today is... Interior Doors.

Doors are a funny thing. We use them everyday yet most of us never even look at them. In and out we go looking ahead into the room we are entering, rarely glancing down at the door itself. Even if they don't look dirty doors do get their share of splashes and germs.We come into contact with doors so frequently. I mean come on...I have never personally had a day that I haven't had to open a door. Actually, I think I close doors more than I open them. Odd how that happens.

The Task: So for ten minutes go around your home and clean as many doors as you can. You may want to break this up into two or three days, whenever you like, perhaps depending on the size of your home and how many floors you have. If you want a really good workout go for all of your doors in ten minutes! You can get a really good arm workout doing this! A great way to get the job done quickly and easily is to go up and down your hallways and pre-mist your doors with cleaner. Only spray a little so it won't drip. By the time you get back around the doors will be ready to wipe down - no fuss! A good all purpose green cleaner is my go to for this one as doors are something that our family (and most I think, lol) is in contact with daily.

Don't forget to do both sides! Have fun!