10 Minutes to a Cleaner, More Organized Home series | Shopping Bags

This may sound silly but that big ball of shopping bags I end up with at the end of the weekend drives me crazy!

I get home, start putting everything away and I usually have about a dozen additional things I need to do RIGHT NOW...so I shove the bags into a big bag with the intention of going back to it later. Most days I go back to it right away, sometimes I remember a few days later that I didn't do it yet but the real treat is when the next weekend rolls around and there they are...a big ball of bags inside a bigger bag. Ugh.

For some of you it might not matter. That's okay. Other things don't bother me that make others nuts. For me, opening up the closet or the trunk of our car and seeing the bags neatly put away just makes me happy. It's the same with the bathroom cabinet and the pantry. The sense of order is calming. So this weeks task is about getting back to that ball of bags - if you haven't already. Why did I include this in the series? Because at least once every shopping trip someone looks over ad comments on how I have my bags and that they should take a few minutes to organize their bags like that.

The Task:Fold and organize shopping bags and find a home for them.What I did: Removed all the bags from the bigger bags I keep them in. Put reusable ones together, plastic together, mesh together and so on. I am nutty so I then put like bags with like (grouping specific brands and stores together - uniform size and colour and all that jazz). Then I start folding and stacking. I keep one big reusable bag to put them back into but it is much less chaotic. Once the bags are folded and ready to go I just place them inside, stacked sideways. I also fold up the plastic bags, etc and put them in the side pocket of the bag.

I have my hubby put them back in the car when he leaves for work so they are ready to go next time. Now it is easy whether I have the entire ensemble at the checkout or just need to grab one out of the trunk. I can look in, see what I need and get on with it!