10 Minutes to a Cleaner, More Organized Home series | Windows

Happy 10 Minute Thursday!

I have a super easy one for you this week that will have your entire home feeling and smelling fresher and cleaner in no time!


Clean as many interior windows as you can in ten minutes. - Get out your glass cleaner and a few cleaning cloths and get to it! The number of windows you can get done will depend on the size of your home and height of your windows but just do as many as you can. If you need more time (...and have the time) keep going but if not do another ten minutes another day until all your windows are sparkle clean.

Some of you may live in a small condo or apartment with only a few windows. It may take less than ten minutes. If you have extra time give yourself a pat on the back and call it a day OR continue on with your mirrors.

I love to clean the windows in the winter. It gives the house a fresher, cleaner feel right away.

You can use any type of glass cleaner. The regular ones you find in the supermarket, your favourite "green" variety or try a homemade glass cleaner. I recently tried out a few homemade ones and LOVE the results of the vinegar, isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), water and corn starch mixture...yes corn starch.

It's the best one!

{Want to look into homemade glass cleaners?}

A great post comparing the different formula's is at CrunchyBetty.com. It includes recipes and impressions. Check it out at "Battle of the Homemade Glass Cleaners" - http://www.crunchybetty.com/battle-of-the-homemade-glass-cleaners