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Thanksgiving is a huge event around here that kicks the holiday season into high gear. Lot's of family, friends and....FOOD. Lot's of food.

If you're hosting the main event, the pressure is on to get it all together, served hot (well at the very least warm right?) and look good in the process. And don't even get me started on the clean up. I'm a clean-as-you-cook kinda gal but somehow there is always a mountain afterwards. We seat 17 without even inviting anyone extra during our holiday feasts. So, although there are a lot of bellies to fill, there are also a lot of  hands to help!

So from cooking to baking to serving, I think we have all found those tried and true tips, tricks and hacks to help make Thanksgiving run as smoothly as possible, like...

Using the perfect roasting pan

There's a better way to roast than with a flimsy aluminium tossible pan. A good, quality roasting pan is where it's at. It's much safer. It's worth the investment, you'll have it for years. Decades maybe. Your daughters may borrow it.... and they will love it too.

Utilizing a countertop oven for some extra cooking or baking space

Yes, yes...yes! This is invaluable. Some of you are fortunate enough to have more than one oven in your home but most of us don't. With so many things being cooked or baked at once but all at different stages or temperatures, this can be a game changer! 

Having a ton of food storage containers on hand for leftovers

Food storage after a big get together is a must. There are leftovers for heating up, leftovers for taking away, leftovers for soup... you get the idea. Keep it all organized and easy to store or send away. Now for baked goods, you may or may not have any leftovers :)

Putting a cooler out so guests can help themselves to drinks

We have an open fridge policy at our house during events or big dinners but we always put out a cooler for drinks when guests come over. Your family may be okay with getting in the middle of the kitchen chaos to get their own drinks but guests not so familiar may not be so brave.

Prepping vegetables a day in advance

Life saver! Seriously, do anything and everything you can before the day of. You're welcome.

Getting the kids to help mash the potatoes

Honestly, one of my favourite things. Getting those kids in there and seeing them shine as mini chefs for the day is awesome. They take such pride in helping and to see their faces when they can say I made that is too good to pass up. 

And besides, it's potatoes. What can go wrong???

Hosting a big dinner like Thanksgiving is always worth the effort. The laughs and good times had by all are memories that I will always cherish..... even of the men falling asleep on the sofa afterwards - I don't think there's a hack for that... or that year my soon to be son-in-law's chair broke at dinner (perfectly timed within a joke he was telling btw). 

THAT was funny.


What are some of your tried and true ways to make for a stress-free Thanksgiving? What are you trying this year that is completely different?