It's funny how things come across your path.

I'm not really sure where it all began but I was looking around the web, was at Everyday Detox for a bit then moved on to Rebekah Borucki (BEXLIFE)....

Actually, hold up. It started with juicers. I was looking to replace our juicer. I remembered Michael Perrine saying something about an Omega juicer....That's another blog post I think.

In any case, after a very long string of clicks, I ended up at Gabby Bernstein's site. To make a long story short-ish, I was very curious about what I found so I participated in a webinar she was hosting this past weekend about the The Only Resolution You will Ever Need. It was so interesting. To see how she moves people is kind of incredible. We all have the ability to heal ourselves. Some of us find it ourselves and some need a little guidance. Some of us need a lot. And then I think there's also a large chunk of people who can do the work on their own with some inspiration and guidance.

I had mentioned in an Instagram Post that I'm not really about the whole new year, new resolution hype but I do think taking a look at your life and assessing where you are, what you want, all of that- is important and necessary. I just think resolutions should be about LIFE resolutions not the kind that are short term, frivolous or abandoned within the first two weeks. Hey, to try and fail is good work IF you pick up and keep trying. Every year the gym is packed the first week of January, even in off-peak hours. It quickly drops off the second week and is virtually a ghost town by February.

What I loved about Gabby's approach was that although she may have hooked participants with the "thinking about new year's resolutions", she transformed it into changing your life. It was very powerful but not too woo woo.

I haven't talked very much until recently about my own story but have started to put it out there in tiny bits and bobbles since late last year. I've been on a healing journey for years. live lost almost 100lbs not just by working my ass off but by dealing with some stuff as well. Come on. We all have our stuff. Even those who appear to have it all together....have some stuff. So this isn't too out there.

Personally, I do benefit from regular meditation and yoga practice. I think positive affirmation is good. I get the whole mantra thing.

You don't have to sit and chant but you do have to develop a positive, loving internal voice to live the best life you can. If you are always beating yourself up over the past or constantly stressing about the future where will that lead you?

Not very far.

As I look up I see that I have gone a little further than I had intended with this post. The point today was to share this week's #MondayMantra with you, being inspired by the webinar. I decided at the end of last year that since this is something I use, that I would share it with you some Monday’s. Some think of a mantra as words to live by and some think of it as some spiritual chanting for yogis. Both are true to some degree. But you can use a mantra any way you choose. Mantra comes from a Sanskit word meaning "a sacred meaning or text". If you are just starting out with any of this use it however you want. Let it be a positive thing that you say to yourself each morning before you are bombarded with your day. Or lat it be something you say to yourself a few times after sitting in meditation.

But then again maybe it's just something your read and think...yeah,I get that

Whatever it is for you. For today it's, I accept myself. With all of your successes and failures. All of your imperfections. All of the work you have done or about to do. Whatever changes you want to make....

I forgive myself and I accept myself. I release who I used to be. I am new ~ Gabby Bernstein

Because we all have our stuff.